Link: Roswell Case study

Here is an example of how transmedia storytelling can help improve the experience tourists have at destinations. The Rosewell Case study. Advertisements

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25 things you should know about transmedia storytelling.

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Content marketing and transmedia storytelling, the future of marketing.

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  Seven myths about transmedia that just aren’t true.

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What exactly is transmedia storytelling? The concept, explained!

Behavioral Marketing

What better way to reach your audience than with a “custom made” online experience? Behavioral marketing is quickly, if not already, taking over the way we advertise online. By figuring out what exactly… Continue reading

video: Ad war

Google vs Facebook in the ad war. 

Article: Creepy or Considerate?

Creepy or Considerate? By: Joan Ronstadt             Although you may think that you are just casually searching for something through Google or whatever your preferred search engine may be, really you are feeding… Continue reading

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Four myths about behavioral marketing that you should know.

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How this new form of marketing is changing online advertising.