Link: Entrepreneurship Powerpoint!

A helpful powerpoint on entrepreneurship in the tourism industry! Advertisements

Going Green

Although originally thought to be just a phase or passing trend, “going green” has proven to be a lasting effort. Though not everyone agrees, sees the point or is willing to pay more… Continue reading

Video: Sustainability

Michael Liebreich on sustainability. 

Link: “Green” Mainstream

Environmentalism goes mainstream.

Link: Jobs Vs Environment

Green jobs versus the environment.

Link: 10 “Green” Tips

10 tips to make your business more eco-friendly.

Link: Consumers and The Chances They’ll Pay More For “Green”

Consumers don’t like paying more for “green.”

Link: How To Make Your Business More Green

Three ways your business could be more “green.”

Transmedia Storytelling, An Overview

From a young age we have been taught that one of the most important things is consistency. Through transmedia storytelling, advertisers and marketers get that opportunity. This method allows that the same story… Continue reading

Link: Transmedia Storytelling

“A new sector in entertainment has been developing over time, capitalizing on the abundance of platforms from which consumers can be reached.”