Going Green

Although originally thought to be just a phase or passing trend, “going green” has proven to be a lasting effort. Though not everyone agrees, sees the point or is willing to pay more for it, the “fad” has lasted and doesn’t seem to ending any time soon. Apart from being eco-friendly with hybrid cars and bringing your own grocery bags to the supermarket, there are larger ways to help the effort.

Businesses across the board can help by making subtle changes to their routines or company policies. From enacting simple rules like having people email each other more than faxing or making sure to turn off the lights in the building when necessary. Simple things can help make a difference.

Below you can find some helpful articles that can give you ideas as to how you can improve how environmentally friendly your company is. There are also articles that talk about specific case studies, not just tips and tricks. Do you believe your company is “green” enough? What are some of the things you are doing to help the environment through your business?