Transmedia Storytelling, An Overview

From a young age we have been taught that one of the most important things is consistency. Through transmedia storytelling, advertisers and marketers get that opportunity. This method allows that the same story be told through out multiple platforms. It helps ensure success by making sure that the campaign remains consistent through out. The key to achieving proper transmedia storytelling is making sure details match in all of your platforms. Also, each platform should add something different to the user experience.

The tourism industry can utilize transmedia storytelling in many different ways. For example, on a smaller scale, restaurants can have a mobile app or be on Foursquare and ensure that their customers interact with them on more than one level. Or on a bigger scale, destinations can be marketed through print, television, mobile and online. The opportunities are virtually endless, as is the possible success of correctly taking advantage of a great marketing tool like this.

Below you’ll find some articles explaining what exactly transmedia storytelling is, how it’s used, and why it is successful. After reading through, do you believe your business can benefit from a tactic like this? Do you already implement this tool into your marketing plan?