Behavioral Marketing

What better way to reach your audience than with a “custom made” online experience? Behavioral marketing is quickly, if not already, taking over the way we advertise online. By figuring out what exactly our clients our searching for, we can help offer more relevant products that will likely grab their attention and increase the chances of them purchasing.

Most people ignore advertisements all together because it typically has nothing to do with them. As advertisers have continued to bombard the public with ads, consumers have learned to tune them out. However, behavioral marketing helps weed out the unnecessary and irrelevant ads by learning what exactly it is that each consumer is looking for or has a potential to like.

Why are you going to spend money on advertising great steakhouses in Texas to someone who is a vegetarian? Instead, you can offer amazing vegetarian options out in California! The tourism industry can greatly benefit from behavioral marketing with shifts as simple as that example. By providing more relevant ads about locations, airlines, hotels or restaurants, there is an increased chance that someone is going to look into it and book a trip.

Below you’ll find some great articles to help you learn more about behavioral marketing. How effective do you think it is?