By: Joan Ronstadt

Sure, it’s fun to be spontaneous every now and again, to just jump into things. However most things in life require some sort of planning. This is no different in the business world. Coming up with a strategic and detailed plan on how to make a decision, or market a product can be one of the most beneficial assets to a company. Strategy is key. If you have no game plan or thought process, life can become messy and uncontrollable.

The tourism industry greatly benefits from strategy. From marketing campaigns from consumer end services and products like restaurants and airlines, to countries coming up with strategies to increase tourism. Strategies help layout foreseeable plans and can ultimately ensure success.

Below you will find some links that focus on strategy. Some of the articles include what places like Britain are trying to do help increase tourism, why vision is vital and some videos from strategic experts. After going through the videos and articles, how important do you think strategy is to success?