By: Joan Ronstadt

Making sure your product, service or company has a brand is one of the most important aspects to having a successful business. A brand is recognizable and carries a certain level of trustworthiness. You and a competitor may offer the same service but based solely on brand recognition a consumer may pick the competitor.

Brands are consistent and consumers can always expect the same levels of quality from them. Some examples of great brands are Coca-Cola, Tide, American Airlines, and Levi’s; all of which have great brand loyalty from consumers. If you can get your costumers to be loyal to your brand, you are creating not only a product or service but also a community.

The tourism industry is no different. Branding is a necessary requirement. From airline agencies to destinations to restaurants; all crucial to the tourism industry and all with particular brands. They have loyal customers who chose them whether it is because of service, convenience or any other number of reasons.

Below you will find informative articles that will help you brand your product or service and articles about destinations that have branded themselves. After reading them, what do you think the impact of branding has on the tourism industry?