By: Joan Ronstadt

Leadership is a crucial component of any successful business. In fact, a business’s success can sometimes be directly traced back to acts of leadership. This remarkable factor helps keep companies in balance, and industries moving forward.

People who possess the quality of leadership are able to help make decisions that will better the future of the company and those employed there. Leadership encompasses the ability to be decisive, creative, innovative and daring.

All of these qualities (and more) are required in the travel industry specifically. To help keep the industry moving and pushing it into the future, we need dedicated people who are leaders. The travel industry is constantly evolving and finding new ways to be more efficient and unique. Therefore the people who are in charge should possess all of these qualities to help ensure the success of the industry.

Below are a few articles and videos that explain what makes a leader great, what mistakes to avoid, and how to be a more effective leader. Check them out and let us know what you think makes a great leader.