Discernible Aspects

Discernible Aspects of a Leader

By: Joan Ronstadt


Regardless of job, career or industry, leadership is a must have. We are taught that being a leader is a great achievement and honor since early on in our lives. When we were children, the “line leader” was the person every other student envied. As we grew older, “line leader” turned to president of the debate team or captain of the football team. Soon enough it became president or CEO of a company. We are told to achieve not only the highest position in our fields, but to be leaders.

However, there is a difference between just being a leader and having leadership. To have leadership one must have a certain skill set to help in fact lead a team into victory. Below you’ll find a few of the things that make a great leader, in fact, great.

  • Foresight:A leader should be able to look ahead of any situation. Don’t just make snap decisions on the spot without rationale. Know how what you decide will affect others and know what the possible outcomes may be.
  • Decisiveness: No waiting around or leaving it up to others to decide. Be able to make clear, firm decisions.
  • Fairness:Don’t just do whatever would suit you the best. Being considerate of others goes a long way and in the end may help productivity.
  • The ability to listen:Although you are the leader, and therefore in charge, make sure to always be open to suggestions from others. Considering the thoughts and ideas of fellow coworkers helps moral and you never know, there may be a great opportunity to help advance everyone!