By: Joan Ronstadt

Innovation is a critical component of any industry. Without it, there is no progress. We need innovation to help move us forward, challenge the boundaries and become more effective. If innovation is not emphasized, industries across the board can become complacent and fail to further their potential. Creativity, necessity and adaptation can be cited as what gives birth to innovation. Companies and what services they offer need to be able to keep up with clientele demand. Yet they must also do it in a way that expresses their values and uniqueness.

The travel and tourism industry is constantly trying to find new ways to help promote destinations, forms of travel, or new ways to accomplish those things in a more efficient fashion. It is commonly held value among many corporations and companies in the industry for obvious reasons.

Below are a few articles that deal with innovation specifically in the travel and tourism industry and some that are just about innovation in the business world as whole. There are also a couple of interesting videos ranging from a speech by the Mexican Tourism Secretary to an interview with Kayak’s cofounder.

Hopefully these articles will help you gain further insight on why innovation is important and what effect it has on the industry. After reading through these, how much of an impact do you believe innovation has?